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Here’s to 3 years.

Dear Milton,

Today marks your third birthday. I can’t believe you’ve been with us since December of 2008, when you were just under 10 weeks old. I remember all of the emails I sent back and forth with the breeder in Texas about all the different options – standard sized, miniature, tri-colored, lemon-colored…I was so overwhelmed! But then she sent me some (pretty cheesy) pictures of the “little guy born on October 5th” and I was in love.

How could anyone not love those leg and belly freckles? (Are beagles even supposed to have freckles??)

I also asked to see pictures of your parents.

Here is Momma beagle:

                                                  And Papa

You’ve grown to look just like your dad!

I love you so much. You are one crazy dog, with more quirks than I know what to do with sometimes. But you’ve made all of the many transitions over the last few years a whole lot more bearable. Speaking of, sorry that we drugged you for the 22-hour car journey from Texas. Believe me, it was better for everyone.

Now, we all know that I have always loved you.

But Dave took a little while to warm up to you. Those early days were rough for all of us, but you won him over with your charm and persistence.

And now you guys are best buds.

We love you and your spunk, Miltonias! Happy birthday!

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Best friends.

Milton adores Dave. Now, we all know their relationship started out a little rocky, but I’m glad to report that I often come into the room and see things like this. I’m starting to think Dave loves Milton too : )

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The snow

The snow has kept us inside for most of the last two days. I’ve been trying to write a paper about Martin Luther, but to no avail it seems. Instead, I’ve been distracting myself by reading a lot of poetry and drinking many hot beverages. My favorite part of all this is how the earth seems to simply fall asleep–although some creatures seem to be determined to awake the snoozing ground.

A Poem:

Winter Garden by Zbigniew Herbert

Eyelids fell like leaves the tenderness of glances crumbled
the stifled throats of springs still trembled under the earth
finally the bird’s voice fell silent the last crevice in a rock
and down amid the lowest plants unrest froze like a lizard

plumb lines of trees on the horizon’s scales
a slanting ray fell on an earth come to a halt
The window is shut The winter garden froze
Eyes are teary little clouds form at the mouth

–what shepherd led the trees off Who played
to reconcile everything hand branch and skies
a phorminx sure as a dead woman’s shoulders
carried by a northern Orpheus

a patter of angelic feet over our heads
snow falls like wings shedding scales
quietness is a perfect line which brings
earth level with the constellation Libra

buds of glances for winter orchards–may love not wound us
a clutch of hair for cruel destiny–may it burn in the pure air


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Lots of things

Lots of things have taken place since I last posted. Dave had a birthday, we had a mouse infestation, our heating went out for two days,we took a trip to Boston, I finally got a new rug for the living room, my Dad came for a quick visit, and we had/are having a snow storm. Enjoy these pics from (some of) the aforementioned events.

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The crossing of a threshold

It’s strange when you’ve been the baby-sitter/dog-sitter/house-sitter/plant-waterer/mail-collector your whole life when all of a sudden you find yourself sitting at the kitchen table writing a 4 page novel on how to clean your dog’s muddy paws if it rains. This is what I found myself doing on friday before we went away for the weekend and I realized I had crossed a threshold. We were now the ones leaving and having someone dog-sit. One of our friends stayed in our house to look after Milton and as I wrote ‘The Note’ I tried to be as normal and undemanding as I possibly could. It’s so hard though, when your dog has so many quirks and you have so many tricks up your sleeve to deal with them.

I think I wrote a whole paragraph explaining how to get Milton in from the yard, only for the whole thing to backfire. Let me explain. Milton is a stubborn fellow and has chosen not to come inside when his name is called. This can be quite annoying when one is rushing and needs to leave the house. Therefore one is forced to resort to bribary …  yelling “TREAT” as loud as possible until one sees his little white-tipped tail emerging from the shrubbs and running at full speed to the back door. Once he is inside, the door must be closed immediately for the plan to work. Then a treat is given.

So, I wrote this whole thing out because I knew it would come in handy, and lo and behold Brian (the poor soul who watched milton) needed to leave the house on saturday and milton was not responding to his name. So, Brian got a treat, yelled “TREAT!”, and milton came running. This is where the mistake was made. He didn’t shut the doggie door behind milton when he came inside. So, milton being the oh-so-obedient dog that he is, grabbed the treat from Brian’s hand and pelted out the doggie door back into the yard yelling “sukaaaa” before brian could even blink. All that to say, I think we shall have to look up some kennels for our next trip…

We had a wonderful time in Savannah, Georgia visiting Rebecca. It is so novel to be able to drive for 6 hours and pass through North Carolina, South Carolina, and into Georgia. Such a difference from living in Texas where you have to drive for hours upon hours just to get outside of the state. The town is a really cool place with lots of rennovated old buildings, lots of art everywhere, and lots of quirky restaurants and coffeeshops. It’s only 30 minutes from the sea too. Wonderful. It was great to hang with Rebecca and get out of town for a couple of days.

picture 020








picture 054








picture 082








picture 107








picture 113







white chocolate rasberry creme brulee

white chocolate rasberry creme brulee










And, for those of you that don’t know; I got a nanny job a few weeks ago. I start in a couple of weeks and am very excited. I will be caring for a 9 month old boy named Tej and he is adorable. His dad is British, and his mom is South African but they moved from England in 1999 (same year as me : ) ). I went over to meet them two weeks ago and stayed for over two hours having English tea and hob nobs. They are such lovely people and I was able to talk very candidly with them.  She is an Oncologist at Duke Medical Center, and he is a Physicist. They seem like very interesting people and I’m so happy that we share such a strong tie already; not being naitve-born Americans! It has all just worked out so well after so many weeks of frustration and looking, God is indeed good.

You’ll be happy to know that I’m still keeping up with my cooking goal of making new recipes. Since I last posted I’ve tried a few things such as:

1. Polenta with zucchini and sausage

2. Eggplant casserole

   computer 057







3. And tonight I made curried chicken and veggies, with quinoa and arugula! It was great, I’m loving the bitter taste of arugula to change it up from always having baby spinach. Variety people, variety.  

I’m so excited that Jess is coming to visit on friday!!! I’m trying to think of lots of fun things to do when she’s here. Can’t wait : ) Also, congratulations to our good friends the Henries who had their little girl Ananda a week and a half ago! She is so beautiful.

And to finish.. here’s  pic of some of our friends here in NC at our house watching the office 🙂

picture 012

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