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I {day}dream of cake.

Literally. My mind will not stop buzzing with ideas. Ideas about CAKE. I’ve got a list a mile long of new cake pops to try out, flavor combinations to taste test, cupcake themes to attempt, decorations to learn how to pipe, and cookies to make. I’m spending every bit of free time with my nose in cookbooks, making note of everything I want to try.

I’m making a cake tomorrow for a friend (first bit of business!) and I wanted to try test run an idea for the filling before making the real thing. I won’t disclose what the filling is just yet as I will be posting the cake on my facebook page after this weekend… plus, the cake is a surprise. Anyway, it turned out great! I was so pleased with myself for making it off the top of my head and I couldn’t wait for Dave to try it when he got home. When he did return home I went to the kitchen and got a spoonful of the filling for him to try. Apparently I do the same thing every time I want him to try something; I tell him to close his eyes and open his mouth for me to put the spoon in.  And apparently, he isn’t too comfortable with not seeing what he is eating. I didn’t even realize I did that until he said something about it last night. But I really do that every time I want him to try something. And now I totally realize where I get it from…. my father!! Coincidentally, he is also responsible for my sweet tooth, although my mother also played a part in passing on that gene too.

Ice cream was a big deal in our house growing up. It was pretty much like crack, and still is for me. On special occasions, Dad would concoct a ‘special’ sauce to pour over the ice cream, something like chocolate or caramel. After creating the secret sauce, he would come and find us and tell us to close our eyes to taste it. Now, you never really knew what you were getting into, because he was the type of jokester who probably wouldn’t pass up the chance to feed his kids coffee grinds. But, you knew deep down that there was the chance you’d miss out on perfection if it was, in fact, one of his splendid concoctions. My Dad loved the look of sheer delight and surprise on our faces after trying his creations, and I guess I love that too, hence me trying to get Dave to do the same. But alas, it seems that my husband does not trust me. And probably for good reason. I have the distinct memory of my 11-year-old self feeding my blindfolded friend a spoonful of soil during a round of the ‘tasting game’. She didn’t like that very much, but she sure did guess what it was!!


Did I mention that I am my father’s daughter?? ; )


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Hi, friends! This week I launched a Facebook page for Hannahkline Cake Design in an attempt to be a little more public about my baking and to spread the word.  If you’re on Facebook, and you haven’t already, please go and ‘like’ my page. Thanks for all of your support in this endeavor!

Don’t forget to keep up with my baking blog – Seven Spoons. That’s where I post recent recipes and photos of the things I’ve been making.

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Where’s Waldo?

Here he is.

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Talking and dreaming

I feel like I’m always doing an update on this blog as I’m not really getting around to writing very regularly. With most of my school work and job assignments requiring me to be on the computer, I have found I’ve needed space from it in other areas.

Dave and I have been having some really great conversations lately. Conversations about cultivating a faithful life, a communal life, a life that forces us to take risks, to enjoy and be present in the real and very physical world around us, and to live outside of ourselves. One of the ways I think I have changed over the last few years is that I’m learning to dream. For me, that means letting go of a little control, letting go of a little safety, and learning to just ‘be’ in the uncertainly, rather than searching for the certainty. I’ve always been a little bit of a realist, and while there’s nothing wrong with pointing out the practical side to things every now and again, there’s also nothing wrong with letting go of control and actually trying to live out some of the things you feel passionate about and called to. I’ve been thinking and talking with some different folks lately about the Christian life being one of risk. Whether that’s taking a risk to love someone who’s maybe a little different than me, or learning that I can’t control whether I will be liked or the decisions that other people make, our call is to love as Christ loved, and he took great risk in the way he loved and lived.

We are also talking about what it means to be in solidarity with the poor, and specifically, with the people of Durham. God has been working in our hearts over the last couple of years and growing a love for the people of this city. Dave has been getting really involved in Durham CAN which is a multi-racial, multi-faith, strictly non-partisan, countywide citizens’ organization dedicated to building relationships across race, social and religious lines to identify common concerns for the good of the city. I am finding myself becoming increasingly passionate about working with limited-resource families in this area. I’m hoping to get an internship with an organization here in Durham committed to the transformation of East Durham by creating a pipeline of services from birth to college. This includes parent education services, early childhood care and policy, the betterment of schools, etc. It’s been really cool to see how God is creating opportunities and avenues for us to connect with the community which we care so much about.

Other than that we are living with some pretty big unknowns right now, mostly pertaining to where we will be and what we will be doing in a year. My instinct is to start preparing mentally and emotionally for whether we will be staying or leaving, to plan, and to cover all of our bases, but God is teaching me to live fully and love the people where I am now, despite the fact that I don’t know how long we’ll be here. This is where we are now. I’m grateful to be hanging out in the unknown because that is where I am forced to listen, to wait, and to just be.

As exciting as all of these conversation are, we continue to press on through the lesser exciting, daily happenings of summer school and part-time jobs. We are both grateful for the jobs we have been given and the things we are learning in school, and Dave is desperately trying to learn how to read German in just 5 weeks! We are also trying to be more mindful of how we spend our evenings when we don’t have plans. The white board in my kitchen is currently covered in a list entitled “Non-sedentary activities” – with 21 examples of alternatives to sitting on our computers or watching shows on Netflix or Hulu. We’re hoping to spend more time playing tennis, grilling out on our deck, painting, and hiking the many trails around us. Although, let it be said, some nights there’s nothing better than cracking open a cold beer and cranking out a couple of episodes of Friday Night Lights ; )

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