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Traveling Cookies.

Who doesn’t love a getting a package in the mail? Especially when that package is full of cookies! This was the impetus for my latest baking project. My niece, Kate, is turning 5 on Tuesday. Feeling sad that there are many miles between us and I can’t attend her princess birthday party next weekend, I decided that I would get over my fear of mailing cookies and just try it. Yes, maybe they would break. Maybe they would succumb to the Texas heat and melt into one giant cookie glob. Maybe the hours of decoration would go to waste if the package was lost, or worse yet, stolen by a hungry mail man. But these were all risks I was willing to take in the hope that maybe, just maybe, the cookies would make it to Texas in one piece and would bring a smile to an excited little girl.

Thankfully, this book has a whole section on how to package and mail cookies successfully. I made my favorite sugar cookie recipe (without the lemon) and iced them with lemon flavored royal icing. I used pinks, whites, and yellows to decorate the cookies. Some were princess crowns, some were birthday cakes, and one was a cupcake for Jack (so he didn’t feel left out) ; )

Once they had all dried, I put them each in individual treat bags and secured them with twist ties.

I then layered them with wax paper in a large cookie tin, and then put the tin in a box and padded the whole thing with bubble wrap, more wax paper, and plastic bags.

I then spent the next day waiting anxiously to hear if they had made it, and if they were still in one piece…

Other than a couple of broken cookies, they made it fine! Here are the pics to prove it (thanks to Laura!)

Happy 5th birthday, Kate!! I love you!

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