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We found a new house last week! We signed the lease and get to move in on July 7th. With all the rain we’ve been getting, I’m am getting pretty annoyed with this house. Our laundry room in the back  floods every time it rains heavily due to our entire backyard being one big downward slope of doom that attracts the entire neighborhood’s rain water, or so it seems. Also, depending on the season, the doors in our house have trouble closing or staying closed. In the winter, the doors were too small for the door frames so we had to create makeshift door wedges with household objects (stay tuned for a how-to tutorial) to keep them closed. Now it’s getting warmer, the doors expand and are too big for the frames. This  means that if you want to venture into another room, you have to use your entire body to shove the door open. Then there’s the fact that we don’t have a dishwasher which is getting pretty old. All this to say, I’m pretty pumped about the move.

The house is a little smaller, but in better condition. The kitchen has been renovated so the appliances are all new, and the bathroom is also much nicer. It is in an even better location being on the street that runs to east campus, which is where Dave walks to catch the bus to school. Perfect!

What is quite funny about the whole thing is that after meeting with the realtor and looking at the house, we bumped into a friend from the divinity school leaving the house next door, where he lives! By accident we will be neighbors with a friend and his girlfriend, whose last name happens to be Klein. No joke people. Our neighbors here are David and Shelly Cline, we are the Klines, and our new neighbor is a Klein. I’m telling you, we’re taking over the world, in all our different forms.

We learned the hard way NEVER to trust NC weather this weekend. We had a lovely ‘summer kickoff’ potluck with our church on Sunday after our gathering. It was at one of the members’ houses who lives walking distance from the church. Being that it was walking distance, and that it was beautiful and sunny as we were leaving church, we set off with our friends Brian, Ashley, and Kelly, with our arms full of food. My confidence in our plan started to waver as member after member drove by us in their cars. Even the pastor who had encouraged us to walk. Then the sky changed color in what seemed like seconds. A loud clap of thunder right over head served as a prelude to the next ten minutes. The rain started, just a drizzle at first. Then it didn’t stop until it felt like buckets of water were being thrown at us from above. Then just to make things more exciting, huge bolts of lightning lit up the sky around us. By minute 10 we were sprinting down the street desperately clinging on to our pasta bakes, our chips and humus, and our dignity. One kind family from the church pulled their mini van over and yelled “WANT A RIDE (you idiots)?”. We dashed to the car door which opened and revealed the backseat full of three car seats with three children sitting in them. I didn’t have the time or the patience to solve this riddle. Were we supposed to hoist our dripping wet bodies over into the very back back?  Confused and soaking wet,  I declined and we sprinted on. Then I realized Kelly had taken them up on their offer. Somehow. At that point it was every man for himself. Some other kind soul finally took pity on us and pulled over to pick us up. The five of us arrived at the potluck dripping wet, out of breath,  and slightly embarrassed. But we had food to share. And that was the important thing. Now we know, what I guess everyone else knew because EVERYBODY else drove, never trust the weather here.


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