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Today I planted cucumbers in my garden plot at Seeds Community Garden. We have already planted eggplant, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, basil, mint, and hibiscus. Dave came along today for the first time to see the plot. It’s very exciting to watch our little seedlings grow into big, strong, fruit-bearing plants  (hopefully!).

We are currently searching for a place to live next year. It is somewhat stressful and we wish we could stay in this house. The more we look around, the more we realize how lucky we were to find this place last year. We sure will miss 1409 Woodland Drive : (

I had a lovely time in Austin visiting family and friends. I turned up on Mum’s doorstep to surprise her for mother’s day and she was VERY surprised indeed. She opened the door, saw me, was a little confused, and then cried. And cried. And cried. It was so sweet.

The picture above is of my cousin Amy and her (then) boyfriend and now fiance. They came to visit from England and Liam proposed two days ago! So excited for them and it was really good to see Amy after so many years.

I am getting more and more excited about grad school as it approaches. I’m going to take a summer class or two to get my feet wet before my official enrollment begins in the fall. The more times I tell people about what I will be studying, the more I realize how perfect this program is for me. Just to clear up any confusion, I will be pursuing a Masters of Science in Family Life and Parent Education at North Carolina State University.


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