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If it ain’t ‘The Wire’…

I have become a huge fan of television over the last few years. The Wire, Deadwood, The Tudors, Big Love, Rome, The West Wing. Watching these shows (among others) have been informative, fulfilling, and enlightening experiences that I am not afraid to say have enhanced my moral, philosophical, and theological sensibilities. That said, there is one show that I have not seen that I hope will be of similar experience to the aforementioned…

I have finally given in to years of resounding endorsements of Battle Star Galactica. I confess that for some reason the show has never seemed appealing to me–the fact that it aired on the Sci-fi network is a turn-off in itself–and that I have been intentionally avoiding the show over the last few years. However, I am leaving all of these prejudices behind and have decided to give it a shot. Tonight I plan on finishing the initial mini-series, and over the Christmas break to plow through the four (right?) seasons.

I am really hoping for a good experience, as the bar has been set very high. If any of you out there (you know who you are) have any hermeneutical tips for viewing the show, I’m all ears.


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