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Halloween with Tchaikovsky

Life here seems to be moving very rapidly. The days go by so quickly. Today marks the beginning of our fourth month here in North Carolina, and we are feeling more and more at home every day. It’s nice to reach the point where the things and people around us no longer feel so unfamiliar and different. Things are becoming usual and somewhat homey as we settle here, and I am glad.

We love that the grass and the trees (that haven’t turned yet) are so lush and green here. Nature’s colors hold a whole new meaning in a place where the land isn’t so scorched and brown. But, with that luxury comes rain, and lots of it. It has rained more days than it hasn’t since we’ve been here. We are slowly but surely getting used to it. The leaves continue to fall constantly and I find myself wondering how there are any left to fall. But there seems to be a perpetual supply. As the days get cooler the colors around us become rich with warmth. The reds have slowly darkened into crimson, and the oranges blaze within a fire of golden yellow. God is beautiful.

Tchaikovsky We spent last night in Greensboro listening to their symphony orchestra play Tchaikovsky’s 4th Symphony, among other pieces. This particular piece of music is one of Dave’s favorites and was somewhat life changing for him. It means alot to me also, as Dave wrote out the second movement and gave it to me for valentine’s day during our dating years. It really is so beautiful and powerful. I still have it ringing in my ears today.

Dave describes it as: “The first “classical” piece of music that ever grabbed my full attention. After hearing the piece for the first time in an open-to-the-public Houston Symphony rehearsal, I acquired every Tchaikovksy piece I could get my hands on. The 4th Symphony is still my favorite of the great Russian composer. The massive trumpet theme throughout, the overflowing graciousness and endearment of the second movement, the novelty and lightness of the pizzicato ostinato in the third movement, the volatile and explosive finale interlaced with the flowing and expressive motifs; all of this helped clear away any repellent to symphonic music that I had developed over the years, and I have not looked back since.” (Taken from his blog).

It was a very enjoyable evening because we shared a delicious meal beforehand with one of Dave’s classmates and his partner in their beautiful home. They are on the Board of Directors and were hosting the conductor and his wife in their home also. So we had dinner with Dmitry Sitkovetsky‘s wife (who is living in London) before the concert. We got to go backstage and meet him after the performance, and to top it all of we even got a photo with him : ) Bryan (our friend from the divinity school) came with us also.


On a funny note, we went to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things yesterday, and completly forgot that it was halloween. We saw a man dressed in all camo with rambo-style bullets hanging around his neck and I freaked out a little. Then a woman dressed as a witch with a Kroger name tag approached us and asked if we needed any help and it all came flooding back. What a funny holiday. Hope you all had a great one!


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