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The Family

     For as long as I can remember I have been interested in family dynamics and human development within the family structure. I could talk for hours on end about relationships throughout the life cycle, the societal development of the family, or birth order. I actually wrote a 15 page paper back in college on that very topic. I took many interesting classes (in the psychology, sociology, and human development departments) on family life and parenting. I often regret majoring in psychology as I gained more of a scientific analysis of brain development and human behavior, as opposed to behavior within the family system which I was more interested in. I did however, take some interesting and thought provoking classes that tended to lean more toward a study of the individual within the system of the family and society as a whole.  

     One of these classes was The Sociology of the Family. What sparked this post was a visit to my old blog (now my baking blog) where I wrote a post about this class. I was in a very different place back then and was somewhat more naive, but I still enjoyed reading how passionate I was about the topic. I still am. In a society where family is taking the backseat to technology and busy schedules, I want so much to help people realize what an intregal part the core family and the surrounding community of people plays in a child’s life.

  Although the Nature/Nurture debate is practically over, we’re pretty sure it’s both : ), both aspects are much more convoluted than we like to think. Think about it; in the nurture camp alone we have influences such as parental attachment, parental style, birth order, sibling spacing, family dynamics as a whole, peer relationships, schooling/education, and the child’s exposure to events and experiences both within and outside of the home. It’s so overwhelming it can almost make you wonder if you’re capable of raising a child into an adult. Almost. All that to say, I love this stuff. And I’m thinking about quenching my thirst by seeking some more education. Maybe. Just maybe.


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